Monetize your virtual events

A New Virtual World

With the current global situation putting a pause on in person experiences, we are seeing an evolution to the virtual world. This is not only impacting event organizers, but also promoters, artists and content creators. This change from live and in-person to virtual and online events is quite different but the fundamentals remain the same, content sharing, revenue generation and audience interaction. As we all look for different ways to engage our fans and patrons using various streaming platforms, Events Up and Live has designed a platform that can work with you to monetize your virtual events and provide technical expertise to increase your engagement strategies.


Monetize your virtual events with a payment wall we create for you. With Events Up and Live you can seamlessly manage selling tickets for patrons to attend your live streams, virtual parties, video happy hours, conferences, or webinars in front of a streaming platform of your choice. This will restrict viewers’ ability to share content stream with others that have not paid for this privilege. Bring Your Own Stream (BYOS) allows content providers to work with popular streaming platforms such as Zoom, Facebook Live, Vimeo, and more.


Events Up & Live Pro Go will provide and manage all the tools you will need to bring your virtual event to life. Our full -service solution will include a payment wall, our streaming platform as well as a virtual studio that will be manned by one of our event producers. This concierge service gives you the ability to stream your content to thousands of people on a professional level.